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Timeline of Deaf History

Who’s Who

Map of Deaf Schools





The De’VIA Framework Across Genres

Deaf History

     Part 1

     Part 2

 Who’s Who Text

      French People

      U.S People

 Interview Text

     MJ Bienvenu

      Paddy Ladd

Sample Work Text

     Folktales of the Origins of Deaf Education in America

Across the Arts

     Deaf President Now Protest (DPN)


     Dinner Table Syndrome

     Paying Homage

     Cultural and Linguistic Oppression

     Unity for Gallaudet Protest (UFG)


     Historical Cartoons

            Scenes from the Life of Etienne deFay by Bernard Truffaut

            T. Gallaudet Meets Alice by Won Suk Chung

      Folktales of the Origins of Deaf Education in America 

            Performed by Guillaume Chastel and Ruthie Jordan

     Blue Ribbon Ceremony created by Paddy Ladd




Timeline of Deaf Visual Art


Interview Text

     Betty G. Miller

     Paul Johnston

Timeline Text



     De’VIA Exhibits: Brenda Schertz

      Exhibit 1993

      Exhibit 1995

      Exhibit 1999

     Touring Exhibit 1999-2000


Deconstructing the Forced Assimilation of Deaf People Via De’Via Resistance

             and Affirmation Art

     De’VIA:  Investigating Deaf View Image Art


De’VIA Themes



McGregor, T: Deaf Way Hands II, Martin, T: Hands, Johnston, P: Pride of Hands, Wildbank, C: Freedom, Miller, B: Checkerboard, Dupor, S: Edge of Tranquility, Baird, C: Lamitola Lily, Bloch, D: Crying Hands, Kettering, T: Untitled, Lim, L: Miraculous Hands, Aranda, I: Hands Dreams


Broderson, M: The Sound of Flowers, Williams, H: My Eye, Wilhite, A: Sound of Grey Raindrops, Ford, A: Tinnitus/C-Stone, Williams, H: A Violin Becomes an Artist, STraubhaar, R: Piano Keys, Miller, B: Untitled, Johnson, P: Spiral Handmask II, Broderson, M: Self-Portrait with Hearing Aid, Baird, C: Music for the Eyes, Garber, R: Unfurled


Garber, R: One Last Question, Bertsch, D: An Infliction of Isolation, Dupor, S: F-I-X, The New Eugenics, Lim, L: Killing My Deafness, Geller, J: CI Faces, Rappazzo, M: Going Home, Martin, T: ehh, Aranda, I: Communication Eyes, Witcher, P: Sign Language, our roots.  Deaf children, our future.


Swayze, E: A.S.L., Buzgalo, U: Chat on the Balcony, Baird, C: Cross, Cupp, Suellen: Respect, Sassouni, O: Girl Talking, Frankel, D: Relationship – Connection, McGregor, T: Southwest Turtle, Wonder, G: American Flag, Grindstaff, J: The Police, Garber, R: Fingertips, Baird, C: Fingershell


Silver, A: Freedom to Speak Out in ASL, Miller, B: Ameslan Prohibited, Bergman, C: Deaf Girl with Interpreter, Walker, R: Deaficide of the Innocent #3, Baird, C: Why Me, Taylor, R: AVE. OF LOSS, Freeman, M: Interpreter, Johnston, P: Deaf Education Pinball, Garber, R: Illegal Use, McGregor, T: AG Bell’s Nightmare, Klusza, M: The Greatest Irony


Ivey, L: Deaf Power, Durr, P: Repressive Means, Kettering, T: Untitled, Thornley, M: Milan, Italy 1880, Swayze, E: I. King Jordan, Blondeel, S: Untitled, Silver, A: Classic Deaf Labels, Richardson, S: Gallaudet Protest, Witcher, P: Hitler, Bell, and Ling in Disguise


Wonder, G: My Grandpa’s Treasure, Witcher, P: Liberte et dignite d’etre une femme soured dans ma communaute, Buzgalo, U: Andrew Foster, Durr, P: Guardians, Broderson, M: Homage to Vincent, Miller, B: Birth of a Deaf Woman, Buzgalo, U: Douglas Tilden, Witcher, P: Tribute to Julie-Elaine Roy, Baird, C: George W. Veditz, Boutcher, J: Laurent Clerc Visiting the Promised Land

 Interactive Artwork

Baird, Chuck:

     According to Coyote, All American Breakfast, Deadlock, Detour, Untitled Mural

Dupor, Susan:

     Smorgasbord, Deaf American, Family Dog, I interesting the hamster, Implantation Lot

 Johnston, Paul:

     Deaf Education Pinball, Energy of Language, Spiral Handmask II

 Miller, Betty G.:

     Hearing Test, Evolution of ASL, Ameslan Prohibited, Spectrum, Stairway to Deaf Club

 Witcher, Pamela:

     Audism, Hitler, Bell, and Ling in Disguise, Sign Language, our roots.  Deaf children, our future, The visit from the sky (La visite des nuages)



Timeline of ASL Lit


Interview Text

     Ella Mae Lentz

Timeline Text

     1940: Reminiscences of Mrs. Agatha T. Hanson

      1978: Poetry in the Palm of Your Hand Conference

     1980: NSSLRT Conference: Valli’s ASL Poetry

     1989: Origins of the sign SIGN-LANGUAGE-POETRY

      1993: Clayton Valli on Rhyme and Meter in ASL


     Themes and Symbols in ASL Poetry

     Roots and Wings:  ASL Poems of ‘Coming Home’

Sample Works Text



          Peter Cook: Play with ASL! (excerpt)

          George W. Veditz: Preservation of Sign Language


           ASL Narratives:  John B. Hotchkiss: Memories of Old Hartford

          Deaf Humor:  Robert P. McGregor: The Irishman’s Flea


     Peter Cook: Play with ASL! (excerpt)

     George W. Veditz: Preservation of Sign Language


     Patrick Graybill: Liberation and Memories: Speech Class

     Ruthie Jordan: What I’ve Seen My World

     Ella Mae Lentz: The Dogs, The Door, Rosebush, Signing is Like a Tree, and The Treasure

     Debbie Rennie: Black Hole: Color ASL

     Clayton Valli: The Barrel, Cocoon Child (performed by Rosa Lee Galimore), Dandelion, and Hands


ASL Narratives & Personal Narratives

     John B. Hotchkiss: Memories of Old Hartford

     Mike Kemp: A Strange Encounter and See Now, Never See Again

      Nathie Marbury: Ajax Story, Hearing Aids and Headphones, and My  WPSD


     Mike Kemp: El Salvador

     Bonnie Kramer: The Deaf Duckling (adapted fairy tale)

     Ella Mae Lentz: Deafness Museum

     Stephen M. Ryan: Gulf War and Planet Way Over Yonder

ABC Stories

     Kristine Hall: A-Z Gally Protest Story

     Ben Jarashow: Gallaudet Protest ABC

     Ruthie Jordan: Eugenics ABC

 Deaf Humor

     Nathie Marbury: Common Sense

     Robert P. McGregor: The Irishman’s Flea

     Stephen M. Ryan: King Kong




Timeline of Deaf Theatre


Interview Text

      Bernard Bragg & Eugene Bergman

      Willy Conley

Timeline Text

     Early to mid 1900s: R. Panara discusses the Origins of Deaf Theatre

      1930s: Wolf Bragg and the Hebrew Assoc. of the Deaf

      1970s: R. Panara discusses Deaf Plays

      1973: Gil Eastman on his play “Sign Me Alice”

Sample Work Text

     J. Schuyler Long: Gallaudet and His School

     Mark Medoff: Children of a Lesser God (text excerpt)



     African American Film Story by Isias Eaton and Company

     CHALB/Custer Story by Alan Barwiolek and J. Charlie McKinney

      DPN: The Gallaudet Protest by Gilbert Eastman

      Fighting Hands / Improv by Mary Beth Miller

      Journey to Inner Peace – In Memoraim: Dr. Mike Kemp by Monique Holt

      Lost and Found by Flying Words Project

      The World According to Pat: Reflections of Residential School Days by Patrick Graybill

 Scenes from Deaf Plays

      Counterfeits by Shanny Mow

      Directions – Where Are We Going From Here? by Patrick “Pax” McCarthy

      Falling on Hearing Eyes by Willy Conley

       Hear No Scream by Thomas K. Holcomb

      META by Patti Durr

     My Third Eye: Side Show by National Theatre of the Deaf

      My Third Eye: Promenade by National Theatre of the Deaf

      Obstacle by Stephen Baldwin

      Trouble’s Just Beginning – A Play of Our Own by Dorothy Miles

      Vignettes of the Deaf Character by Willy Conley

      The Week the World Heard Gallaudet by Thomas K. Holcomb

      Whispers of a Savage Sort by Raymond Luczak



Timeline of English Lit


Interview Text

     John Lee Clark

     Kristi B. Merriweather

Sample Work Text

     1986: John Lee Clark discussing D. Bullard’s Islay



    Yet: Jack Can Hear! by Douglas Bullard

     Miss Hester of Sunset Valley  by Guie Leo Deliglio

     The Test of the Heart by Guie Leo Deliglio

     The Whiplash of Audism by Donald Gruskin

     Cords by Raymond Luczak

     Why It Was W-on-the-Eyes by Margaret Prescott Montague

     See! See! See! by Lawrence Newman

     The Fable of the Ass Who Was Taught to Whinny by Warren Milton Smaltz

     The Deaf School by Louise Stern

     Reconstructing Cleider Rodman  by Alice T. Terry

Non-Fiction (Excerpts)

    The Deaf Mute Howls by Albert Ballin

     Observations of a Deaf Mute by Pierre Desloges

     A Deaf Adult Speaks Out by Leo M. Jacobs

     A Brief Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Adele M. Jewel by Adele M. Jewel (George)

     Homecoming by Aaron Weir Kelstone (complete text)

     Cry of the Gull by Emmanuelle Laborit

     An Autobiography of My Childhood by Alice T. Terry (complete text)

     Deaf in Delhi:  A Memoir by Madan Vasishta

     George Veditz’s Message by George Veditz (complete document)

     No Sound by Julius Wiggins

     Sounds Like Home:  Growing Up Black and Deaf in the South by Mary Herring Wright


**Indicates poems that are annotated

+ indicates poems that have video performances

     **Lines by Elizabeth Allen

      Dinnertime Rage by Alison L. Aubrecht

      **Unsteady Hands by Alison L. Aubrecht

      What My Teacher Taught Me by Alison L. Aubrecht

      Deaf Awareness by Karen Christie

      **I am Waiting by Karen Christie

      **Long Goodbyes by John Lee Clark

      The Death of Water by John Lee Clark

      The Only Way Signing Can Kill Us by John Lee Clark

      Our World by Guie Deliglio Cooke

      Poetry of Motion by J. Schuyler Long

      **+Orphans by Raymond Luczak

      I Sat Beside an Oralist by James Frederick Meagher

      **Be Tellin Me by Kristi B. Merriweather

      **Remember by Kristi B. Merriweather

      The Gallaudet Protest From My Eyes by Kristi B. Merriweather

      **+Defiance by Dorothy Miles

     +Elephants Dancing by Dorothy Miles

      +Language for the Eye by Dorothy Miles

      The Hang-Glider by Dorothy Miles

      +To a Deaf Child by Dorothy Miles

      **The Music of Beauty by James Nack

      **Lip Service by Robert F. Panara

      ASL Tree by Julie Rems-Smario

      Russian Roulette by Curtis Robbins

      Solo Dining While Growing Up by Curtis Robbins



Timeline of Deaf Cinema


Interview Text

     Wayne Betts, Jr & Chad Taylor

NAD Motion Picture Text

     John B. Hotchkiss: Memories of Old Hartford

      Robert P. McGregor: The irishman’s Flea

      George W. Veditz: Preservation of Sign Language


     Close Up


Short Films

     Birds of a Feather by Rebecca Freund

     Chalkboard by Alice Lo

      Don’t Mind? By Patti Durr and Lizzie Sorkin

      Mr. V by Wayne Betts, Jr.

      Soulmate by Ryan Commerson

     Roots of Deaf Womanhood by Ruthie Jordan

      Vital Signs by Wayne Betts, Jr. and Chad Taylor

Clips from Films

      Audism Unveiled by B. Bahan, H-D. Bauman, & Facundo Montenegro

      The Deaf Man by David Kurs

     Exodus by Patti Durr

      Ingelore by Frank Stiefel

      Me Too by Patti Durr & Aaron Kelstone

      Onalee’s Story by Ruthie Jordan

      Page Me by Patti Durr & Lizzie Sorkin

      Paper Airplane by Adrean Mangiardi

     Spotlight: VSDB by Jenny Witteborg

      Worry by Patti Durr

Unity for Gallaudet Films

      A Journey of Gallaudet Protest and Rally by Ruthie Jordan

      Let’s Meet Gideon by Wayne Betts, Jr. and Chad Taylor

      Tara’s Story by Melissa Malzkuhn

      Unity for Who? By Roxanne Dummett and Andrew Jones

      Across the Arts: Sampler video

NAD Motion Picture Project

      Chapter from the Life of Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet by NAD

      Memories of Old Harford by John B. Hotchkiss

      The Irishman’s Flea by Robert P. McGregor

      Preservation of Sign Language by George W. Veditz

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